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I’m Nick Horton, “The Iron Samurai”

… and this is my personal blog. Accordingly, I write about anything I want here. But the focus is usually in one of (or all three!) of the areas I’m most interested in: the Arts, Math/Science, and Physical Training.

You can read more about me and the blog on my “About” page.

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  • Most Popular Essays — a short(ish) collection of the more popular articles over the last few years.
  • The Blog — I post daily and often. This includes posts on Training, Zen, Human Behavioral Science, as well as whatever random crap I decided to post recently!
  • Weightlifting Academy — Join our online weightlifting school FREE!
  • The Nemesis Journal — a weekly journal for coaches and athletes who are tired of the mumbo-jumbo in the fitness industry.
  • Vidcast — my video show about training the mind and body, with a heavy focus on practical barbell strength training.
  • Podcast — my audio podcast that goes into more depth into all of the topics I discuss on the blog. This tends to skew more towards mental training, teaching & coaching, and broader philosophical topics.

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