WARNING: Good Grades Make You Stupid – Wittgenstein & Ben Franklin


What can be said at all can be said clearly; and whereof one cannot speak thereof one must be silent.” — Wittgenstein This quote from Wittgenstein sounds reminiscent of the one your Grandmother used to say, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Like your Grandmother, he was a […]

ep3 – The Monty Hall Problem, OR, How You Feel Is A Lie

Loch Maree

In this episode of Samurai Strength, I continue with answering a collection of questions about the 21 Day Squat Challenge. Today’s focus is the common phrase: “How you feel is a lie” — Milo the Greek I’ll explain why that is only true for beginners and how you can overcome it so that how YOU […]

ep2 – The 21 Day Squat Challenge, part 1

Diane Fu - San Francisco CrossFit

In this episode of Samurai Strength, we’re beginning a small series covering questions and answers related to my most popular program: The 21 Day Squat Challenge. I got a great collection of questions from Diane Fu, who coaches at San Fransisco Crossfit. She’s awesome, I got a chance to talk with her at the American […]

Q&A: What Does “Certification” Mean In Fitness vs Education?


We’re in the middle of a HUGE launch: our first full-scale certification offered at Weightlifting Academy– Super Total. The response has been AMAZING! I’m completely blown away by the amount of goodwill, support, and excitement about this new venture. Thank you! As you might expect, we’ve been inundated with questions regarding all kinds of intricate […]

Peace, Love, Barbells: Super Total Certification [Video]

Nick Horton - super total peace

What’s the difference between a “certification” and an “education”? Why does it matter? We just launched our first serious Certification at Weightlifting Academy: Super Total. It will be run by myself and world-champ Powerlifter Chris Duffin. This has been in development now for OVER A YEAR. Why? Because THE thing driving the project is a […]

Why Drop-In Fees Are Stupid: New Rules, part 1


The following post is part of a small series about the connection between education theory, business, and what it means to make the world a stronger place. The rules of the game in our industry (the fitness industrial complex) are shit. I’m here to change them. I’ll get deeper into details in future posts. But […]

Celtic Night: James Joyce & A Health To The Company

Loch Maree

“Riverrun, past Eve and Adam’s, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by a Commodious vicus of recirculation back.” — James Joyce Joyce is Irish, the picture above is of Loch Maree, in Scotland. So in keeping with tonight’s Celtic theme, here’s an entire Chieftains album: The song @ 38:44 is Here’s […]

John Locke Quote: On Human Understanding

John Locke vs

A quote from John Lock, from his monumental work An Essay Concerning Human Understanding: The acts of the mind, wherein it exerts its power over simple ideas, are chiefly these three: 1. Combining several simple ideas into one compound one, and thus all complex ideas are made. 2. The second is bringing two ideas, whether […]

Violence & Nudity! A (Very) Short History Of The Greek Olympics

Greek Man-on-Man Action - Olympics

We humans love to idealize the past. We imagine historical people as both more honorable and less flawed that we are today. A case in point is our contrasting views of modern athletes — especially our Olympians — verses how we perceive the athletes of “yore” — particularly the ancient Greek athletes who competed in […]

Mu Math: The Chinese Bamboo Problem

Chinese Bamboo Math Problem

What do you get when you combine an ancient Chinese math problem, Bamboo, Zen Koan, and the Pythagorean Theorem? Enlightenment, baby! Given that Samurai Strength is a fork (in hacker terms) of Rinzai Zen, I’m quite fond of the practice of Kouan (Koan) study. However, it is something that can be so easily misused, and […]