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Blazer’s Edge has a massive collection of pre-playoff Blazer links and articles and info from all around the interweb compiled into one place.  Like this gem from Henry Abbott:

But for Portland’s meaningless Travis Diener-laced special last night,
the two teams would have identical records (Suns 17-4, Blazers 16-5)
since March 1. Meanwhile, guards who muscle into the paint can cause
Steve Nash problems on defense, and Miller does that like crazy,
especially in Roy’s absence. Big men who rebound have also wreaked
havoc for the Suns, and Camby has that potential. Not to mention, the
Blazers are not the young team we know them as. They’re Miller and
Camby and veteran tricks galore, including and especially in how they
relate to referees. 

Having watched every minute of those two
teams going head-to-head all season, it’s impossible for me to see that
series as anything other than a toss-up, which is more or less how I
called it. 

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