Weightlifting Straps Review

Brandon Tovey at PDX Weightlifting

Brandon looking like a Bodybuilder

My article this week over on Breaking muscle is Part 1 of a 2-part post on weightlifting straps. Here’s an excerpt:

You need to lift more weight. And you need to lift more weight more often. Sorry, I’m just not going to sugar coat it for you. You can’t make great progress in the gym by lifting loads that are under your capacity and only hitting the gym once a week.

Of course, you know all that.

What you might not know is there are some sneaky ways you can increase your progress, make your results come quicker, and not break either the bank or your time-allowance in the process.

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Arron Steiner at PDX Weightlifting

There's a reason I have Arron in my Phone as "Snatch Man"!

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