Pick A Squat: Any Squat – Weightlifting Academy Ep. 3

Weightlifting Academy with Nick Horton and Michael Hartman

Action shot, baby!

In this weeks episode of weightlifting academy, Michael and I discuss Squats: High bar, low bar, and front squats. Which is best? Does that question even make sense?

And what about all this exercise science crapola? Just how scientific does a coach need to be, anyway? (Hint: more than most realize.)

  • Nick and Michael prove why Weightlifting Academy is not ever going to be like CNN’s CrossFire
  • Are Low Bar Squats Better than High Bar Squats?
  • Our friend, Justin Lascek, thinks so and Michael likes the argument
  • Nick ain’t so sure
  • We promote the ideas of “Practiced-based Evidence” and the “coach as scientist”
  • Why Nick thinks Non-Strength Athletes might do better sticking to the Front Squat
  • Why Michael isn’t so convinced
  • How keeping an open mind is more important than having strong opinions
  • What John Broz can teach you about how wimpy you are
  • Does Michael have more than 5 fingers on his hand? Find out here …
  • And for some reason … Nick can’t keep his hands off his soul-patch

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