Can Watching Star Trek Increase Your Snatch? Yes!

I wrote an (only slightly) tongue-in-cheek article over on Breaking Muscle called, “Are You Geeky Enough to be a Weightlifter?

Yes, of course, I’m playing around a bit. But, I’m partly serious. The skills, the mental tools, that geeks have access to are tools you NEED to develop to be good at the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

Namely: Patience, consistency, a willingness to work hard on minute details, etc.

When I was in the 8th grade, I used to sit around at the coffee table at home and create Algebra problems for myself to solve. I thought it was FUN. I liked the mental challenge.

Looking at something that takes hard work, time, and consistency as fun (rather than miserable) is  MUST if you want to snatch and clean and jerk big weights.

Geeks are like that naturally. And I’m proud to be a Geek :-)

Here’s a big quote:

Remember what everyone said about the nerdy kid? He/she isn’t very popular right now, but just wait. Someday they’ll be more successful than anyone else in the room.

That’s actually fairly accurate. Yes, it’s a trope that is a bit overused in the movies. But it’s based on fact. The kids who were spending their time working on their brains grew up and found they had a HUGE advantage over their competitors. They knew more, they were more analytical, and they were better able to deal with (and learn from) failure.

As a kid, the only thing that mattered to your peers was whether you had personal skills. More accurately, that you could play the right game in the right way: the cool-kid game.

That skill is also important to the success of anyone in the adult world. The old saw thatlife is like high school is dead on in that respect. If you can’t communicate well, get people to like you, and persuade others to see things your way without coming across as annoying, then your success will always be hampered.

However, no matter how important those “soft skills” are, they MUST be backed up by “hard skills” and the ability to execute. You can only fool people for so long before they figure out you’re full of it.

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