Science Is Wrong? On The Under-Determination Of Fact – Samurai Strength Ep. 12

Does the sun revolve around the earth? No. Why did people believe such a crazy notion? Were they stupid? Of course not.

The trouble with science is that it just doesn’t give us the level of certainty we humans seem to obsessively (and desperately) want. But don’t let that cause you to despair. Quite frankly, I find this lack of certainty in science quite liberating.

Without hard and fast rules, we are given de facto permission to relax about the details of health, fitness, and exercise.

I decided to do this largely because I got a number of unsubscribes from my email list in the last few days from some folk who are “just fed up” with my not supporting their particular thing – really, some of them were MAD.

Mostly it was in response to my 21-day squat routine, my discussion of Bulgarian training on Weightlifting Academy, my calorie deficit argument (the article it’s in response to), and recent podcasts on Intermittent Fasting, as well as my write up of my own experience with it. You know … hot-button issues

What’s funny is that I have many other readers and friends (shout-out to Steve!) who I have great fun arguing with, who – like me – find it fun to debate … but don’t take themselves so seriously that they flip out every time someone doesn’t agree with them. This stuff is supposed to be fun :-)

I also find it odd that these folk stayed on my email list as long as they did. Not sure what’s up with that.

Here’s my mini-rant about the notion in the Philosophy of Science called “the under-determination of fact” and how I feel that it’s massively important to all of our discussions – if for no other reason, because it will keep the discussions civil.

For more on the Philosophy of Science, I suggest starting with Karl Popper. He’s my diggity dog.

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