‘Triptych: At the Water’s Edge’, by Seamus Heaney [Poem of the Day]

devenish island

On Devenish I heard a snipe And the keeper’s recital of elegies Under the tower. Carved monastic heads Were crumbling like bread on water. On Boa the god-eyed, sex-mouthed stone Socketed between graves, two-faced, trepanned, Answered my silence with silence. A stoup for rain water. Anathema. From a cold hearthstone on Horse Island I watched […]

Thomas Hobbes: Patron Saint Of Late Bloomers (Old People Unite!)


We live in increasingly stupid times. I use this word “stupid” in its most base and pejorative meaning: Willful ignorance. Couple that tendency with a habit of making snap judgments and the glorification of “assholes” and “bitches” (role models for our internet age!), and you have accurately described the state of our collective mind. A […]

Real Coaches Don’t Make You Shit On Yourself, OR, Safety Is For Pussies?


“I don’t care if you have to shit on yourself, do not let that other motherfucker out-curl your ass.” — CT Fletcher I love watching CT Fletcher’s videos. They are funny and quite often inspiring. But, god damn, please don’t coach like that! I saw a recent video of CT Fletcher working with a new […]

Why Coaches Fight, OR, Why You Shouldn’t Care


From Bulgaria To Cuba & Back Again “80% of your success comes from 20% of your effort.” — Vilfredo Pareto 1 “70% of life is showing up.” — Woody Allen “Make the lift, good technique. Miss the lift, bad technique. The rest is noise.” — Jim Moser Tamara was getting frustrated. She was on her […]

Were You Born A Loser? Lessons From D&D


Can you really compete with guys on steroids? What if you weren’t born with the “right” genetics? If you didn’t start when you were 8-years-old, should you quit now and just get it over with? Let’s face it, the best of the best are (with rare exception): genetic freaks who started young and have been […]

How To Open Jars Like Bruce Lee: And Other Athlete Tricks


I saw this interesting discussion on the Dilbert blog (yes, that Dilbert!) about a sneaky trick used to open a jar lid. Let me quote the important section for you: The setup happens when someone in your life asks you to open a stubborn jar. Ideally, that person has already tried several furious approaches to […]

The Declining State Of The American Mind: Foo vs Bar

Mongolian-born grand sumo champion Yokozuna Asashoryu performs ring-entering ritual in Tokyo

Sumo wrestling champions are rarely Japanese anymore. They hail from poorer places like Mongolia, Samoa, even Bulgaria where kids have a deeper incentive to train hard. Understandably, the Japanese don’t like what this says about the declining athleticism, drive, and motivation of their own youth. After all: what does it say about your national sport, […]

How To Become A Katana: Advice To An Athlete


“The true Way of swordsmanship is to fight with your opponent and win. This should not be changed in the slightest.” – Miyamoto Musashi, The Book Of 5 Rings The Katana is one of history’s greatest works of craftsmanship. Among sword collectors, a traditionally-made Katana is prized the way a Picasso is prized in the […]