Boolean Algebra Basics: Lattices for Your Brain – Reference Guide


The Boolean Algebra is named after George Boole, a self-taught mathematician. Let that be a lesson to you: Training trumps everything! Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting up some reviews of some of the recent research in the intersection of complexity theory and cognitive science. However, these include references to the concepts of… [Read More]

Eliezer Yudkowski: Quote of the Day – Bayesian Probability & Chickens


Q: Why did the Bayesian cross the road? A: I’ll need more information to answer this question. — Eliezer Yudkowski Don’t know what Bayesian Probability is? Don’t worry, I’ll be explaining it in the appendix section of this months issue of the Rational Action Journal. Now go lift something heavy, Nick Horton

Wittgenstein vs Schrodinger: Quote of the Day


Wittgenstein: “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one should be silent.” Schrödinger: “But it is only here that speaking becomes worthwhile.” From Popper’s paper, “the nature of philosophical problems”, in *Conjectures & Refutations”. He notes that Schrödinger upon seeing the manuscript didn’t remember saying this, but liked it regardless. No matter who said it, it’s important.

Misery is Good? What You Can Learn From The REAL Last Samurai – On Will & the Power of Training


Today’s episode of the Iron Samurai podcast begins with a quote from Xenophon, the great Greek historian, philosopher, soldier for Sparta, and student of Socrates: “Your obstacles are not rivers, mountains, or other people. Your obstacle is yourself.” Also! The story of the Old Man and the Stairs The story of the REAL Last Samurai,… [Read More]

Oscar Wilde: Quote of the Day


“Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.” — Oscar Wilde Calling your mistake an ‘experience’ is only meaningful if you Learned from it Do things differently in the future. That’s how improvement works: from lifting to life. If you refuse to take this process seriously, you do so at your own peril. You’ll… [Read More]

Why You Can’t PR Every Day: Mountains, Muscles, Math


It’s time to stop acting like an alcoholic. You don’t get to have PR’s (Personal Records) all the time just because you WANT them. Your progress in the gym is not Linear.1 (It doesn’t go up in a straight line.) You won’t make a 5kg improvement on your snatch every week. You won’t make a… [Read More]

Behavioral Game Theory: Thinking, Learning, Teaching [Mathematical Models in Psychology]


In this chapter on Behavioral Game Theory, the authors (Colin Camerer, Teck-Hua Ho, and Juin Kuan Chong) attempt to tackle the “hard” problem in psychology-modeling: Making accurate, testable, predictions about human behavior. “Because game theory predictions are sharp, it is not hard to spot likely deviations and counter-examples. Until recently, most of the experimental literature… [Read More]

Why George Got His Snatch Drunk – How to Find the Zone (the Right Way)


Grab a glass of bourbon and chalk up. It’s time to break barbells! In today’s episode of the Iron Samurai Podcast: Why was George drinking with his snatch? Do bourbon-goggles work with barbells? Why your brain sucks and won’t shut up… I heard that! How to avoid falling off of a cliff What is that… [Read More]

How to Win by Failing – or – The Ninja VS Negative Nelson

Iron Samurai Podcast

New Podcast! In this first ever episode of the new Iron Samurai Podcast, I discuss the counter-intuitive idea that in order to get results and find success (in anything!) you have to embrace FAILure. We call this Failing Forward, and it applies to your individual workouts, your programming, your education, your life! I get down… [Read More]

Inquisition to Isis – Reason vs Rationalization in the Human Animal

Michel de Montaigne

“It is evident to me that we only willingly carry out those religious duties which flatter our passions. Christians excel at hating enemies. Our zeal works wonders when it strengths our tendency towards hatred, emnity, ambition, avarice, evil-speaking … and rebellion. On the other hand, zeal never makes anyone go flying towards goodness, kindness or… [Read More]