Woody Allen: Quote of the Day (On Light Speed)


“It is impossible to travel faster than the speed of light, and certainly not desirable, as one’s hat keeps blowing off.” — Woody Allen The picture is of Woody Allen in his movie Sleepers, one of the funniest sci-fi films of all time. Now go lift something heavy, Nick Horton

Richard Feynman: Quote of the Day (On String Theory)


“I don’t like that they’re not calculating anything. I don’t like that they don’t check their ideas. I don’t like that for anything that disagrees with an experiment, they cook up an explanation — a fix-up to say, ‘Well, it still might be true’.” — Richard Feynman Does this sound like a lot of fitness […]

My New Twitter Account @RationalAction (Old One DEAD)


Just a note: My OLD Twitter account is being killed off. I’m reassigning all of my stuff to a new Twitter account: @RationalAction. I got locked out of my old account a while ago because it was attached to an old (dead) email, yadda-yadda, LOL. Shit happens! No biggie. I’m on a new kick right […]

Rich Hickey: Quote of the Day – Familiarity & Freeze Tag


“One possible way to deal with being unfamiliar with something is to become familiar with it.” — Rich Hickey1 We’re in the middle of running a 2-day seminar at our gym, Asheville Strength, with Chip Conrad (owner of Body Tribe). Chip had everyone doing plenty of crazy shit that they were unfamiliar with. But with […]

Henri Poincare: Quote of the Day (On K.I.S.S… ing?)


“It is the simple hypotheses of which one must be most wary; because these are the ones that have the most chances of passing unnoticed.” — Poincare. Henri Poincaré is one of my favorite mathematicians, and one of the leaders in the development of what we now think of as the theories of Relativity. He […]

Einstein & the Myth of External Validation (Never Trust a Hairless Ape)


“The young Einstein was not a particularly good student, and in 1894 he dropped out of school entirely when his family moved to Italy. After failing the entrance examination once, he was eventually admitted to the Swiss Institute of Technology in Zurich in 1896. Although he did fairly well as a student in Zurich, he […]

No-Neck November Counter-Challenge: May The GainZ Be With You


Some of the members of our team are attempting a month-long challenge to see who can lose the most weight, drop a weight class, or otherwise change their body composition in favor of less fat, better Sinclair formulas, etc. You can certainly join them in this goal if you are so inclined. However, before you […]

Defending a Writers Right to Blog (Scribe Nemesis Challenge?)

Professor wallpaper

John Danaher writes a defense of why he blogs, in spite of the fact that as an academic, it’s still somewhat of a taboo. I’ve been blogging for 10 years now, twice as long as he has, and I agree with every one of his reasons. Bottom Line: blogging is to a writer what training […]

Stop Quoting Freud (Quotes about Freud…)


“There is literally nothing to be said, scientifically or therapeutically, to the advantage of the entire Freudian system or any of its component dogmas.” — from Psychological Science And… “Arguably no other notable figure in history was so fantastically wrong about nearly every important thing he had to say. But, luckily for him, academics have […]

Cicero via Franklin on Philosophy: Quote of the Day


“O vitae Philosophia dux! O virtutum indagatrix expultrixque vitiorum! Unus dies, bene et ex praeceptis tuis actus, peccanti immortalitati est anteponendus” translation (non-literal): “O philosophy, life’s guide! O searcher of virtues and expeller of vices! Just a single day lived well and according to your lessons is to be preferred to an eternity of errors.” […]

Is Evolution Not Falsifiable? What Karl Popper REALLY Said (Don’t Believe the Hype!)


Creationists and other anti-science nuts often like to misquote, and misinterpret, Sir Karl Popper’s views on the connection between the science of evolution and his own theory of falsification. In short, they try to use Popper’s theories AGAINST evolution. The problem is that these creationists are dead wrong about what Popper had to say. Let’s […]

Video: 1st Place, Qualified for American Open – Ryan: Weightlifting Academy Team


Go Team Weightlifting Academy! We had lifters at THREE contests this weekend: At ETSU: Ryan, Nessie, Summer, and the two Matt’s (Dembo & Norman). At Risto Sports: Josh and Chris. At American Masters: Adrianne. Tamara and I were snowed in, so we weren’t able to get any videos. But, thankfully, Ryan’s wife was able to […]

Yamaoka Tesshu on Selflessness in Bushido – Quote of the Day


Bushido is the proper way of life for the Japanese. In order to learn about the Way, forget about self and awaken to the truth… Exerting self is a mistake… We should not say “myself” — in truth there is no such thing… When there is no thought of self, true Bushido develops. — Yamaoka […]

Serious Problems in Health Science: Problems & Solutions


Don’t believe the hype. Public Enemy wasn’t talking directly about health science, but they easily could have been. The claimed effects in the majority of studies in the health (and fitness) science community are NOT as significant as they want you to believe — and they are not being replicated. John Ioannidis has a new […]

Free as in Beer: Why Science Needs Freedom


Access to information is, and should be, a natural human right. The Science-Industrial-Complex doesn’t agree. Science is NOT an open-source world. Understandably, most scientists are pissed about this, and they are fighting back. In the software world, there are two ideas about the word “free” that get used a lot: Free as in Beer Free […]

Why the Greatest Antidote to Stupidity is Laughter: Gluten, Hyperbole, & Holy War


“Life is too important a thing to ever talk seriously about.” — Oscar Wilde In today’s episode of The Iron Samurai Podcast: How to argue and have fun at the same time How to protect your brain with laughter What’s the difference between how Smart people and Dumb people argue? How to avoid being a […]

Solutions Are Often Counterintuitive: Sun-Tzu Quote of the Day


The worst military policy is to assault walled cities… if your commander , unable to control is temper, sends your troops swarming at the walls, your casualties will be one in three and still you will not have taken the city… Therefore the expert in using the military subdues the enemy’s forces without going to […]

Ikkyu: Zen Quote of the Day


Since that mischievous creature Called the Buddha Was born into the world How many people Have been fooled! That is from the Kyoto Zen Abbot, Ikkyu, who lived from 1394 to 1481. Zen, like the ancient Greek Skeptics, was one of the worlds first serious anti-Bullshit movements. Take nothing to be sacred, not even the […]

Quine on Popper: Positive on Falsification


Hillary Putnam (yes, THAT Putnam) has a nice blog post reminding us that Quine was, in the main, in agreement with Karl Popper that confirmation is NOT the goal of scientific inquiry. He quotes from Quine’s In Pursuit of Truth: “Traditional epistemology sought grounds in sensory experience capable of implying our theories about the world […]

Self-Control & Brain Size: Lessons from our Animal Cousins


Evan MacLean, et al. did a comparative study on the Evolution of Self-Control, specifically the connection between brain size and cognition across 36 different species. They found that brain size positively corrolates with self-control. Given that self-control is one of the key components of higher-cognitive capacity, one of the primary things that makes our species […]

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