Why George Got His Snatch Drunk – How to Find the Zone (the Right Way)


Grab a glass of bourbon and chalk up. It’s time to break barbells! In today’s episode of the Iron Samurai Podcast: Why was George drinking with his snatch? Do bourbon-goggles work with barbells? Why your brain sucks and won’t shut up… I heard that! How to avoid falling off of a cliff What is that… [Read More]

How to Win by Failing – or – The Ninja VS Negative Nelson

Iron Samurai Podcast

New Podcast! In this first ever episode of the new Iron Samurai Podcast, I discuss the counter-intuitive idea that in order to get results and find success (in anything!) you have to embrace FAILure. We call this Failing Forward, and it applies to your individual workouts, your programming, your education, your life! I get down… [Read More]

Inquisition to Isis – Reason vs Rationalization in the Human Animal

Michel de Montaigne

“It is evident to me that we only willingly carry out those religious duties which flatter our passions. Christians excel at hating enemies. Our zeal works wonders when it strengths our tendency towards hatred, emnity, ambition, avarice, evil-speaking … and rebellion. On the other hand, zeal never makes anyone go flying towards goodness, kindness or… [Read More]

‘Triptych: At the Water’s Edge’, by Seamus Heaney [Poem of the Day]

devenish island

On Devenish I heard a snipe And the keeper’s recital of elegies Under the tower. Carved monastic heads Were crumbling like bread on water. On Boa the god-eyed, sex-mouthed stone Socketed between graves, two-faced, trepanned, Answered my silence with silence. A stoup for rain water. Anathema. From a cold hearthstone on Horse Island I watched… [Read More]

Thomas Hobbes: Patron Saint Of Late Bloomers (Old People Unite!)


We live in increasingly stupid times. I use this word “stupid” in its most base and pejorative meaning: Willful ignorance. Couple that tendency with a habit of making snap judgments and the glorification of “assholes” and “bitches” (role models for our internet age!), and you have accurately described the state of our collective mind. A… [Read More]

Real Coaches Don’t Make You Shit On Yourself, OR, Safety Is For Pussies?


“I don’t care if you have to shit on yourself, do not let that other motherfucker out-curl your ass.” — CT Fletcher I love watching CT Fletcher’s videos. They are funny and quite often inspiring. But, god damn, please don’t coach like that! I saw a recent video of CT Fletcher working with a new… [Read More]

You Are Not A Unique Flower – You Are A Snowflake – Boring & Ordinary


I’ve come to believe that males should emulate female weightlifters and females should emulate male lifters. It forces you to get away from the familiar and focus on the universal. The advice is generally the opposite: find someone in your weight class with a similar body type and try to emulate them. There is some… [Read More]

Why Coaches Fight, OR, Why You Shouldn’t Care


From Bulgaria To Cuba & Back Again “80% of your success comes from 20% of your effort.” — Vilfredo Pareto 1 “70% of life is showing up.” — Woody Allen “Make the lift, good technique. Miss the lift, bad technique. The rest is noise.” — Jim Moser Tamara was getting frustrated. She was on her… [Read More]