The Olive & the Vine – Thucydides: Quote of the Day


“The peoples of the Mediterranean began to emerge from barbarism when they learned to cultivate the olive and the vine.” — Thucydides Οπα! Now go lift something heavy, Nick Horton

Making Learning More Durable & Efficient: The Rule of 3


How should you schedule your practice sessions to make learning more efficient and durable? That’s the question that was looked at in the paper Optimizing Schedules of Retrieval Practice for Durable and Efficient Learning: How Much Is Enough?, by Katherine Rawson and John Dunlosky. They start with a quote by Harry Bahrick, made in 1979, […]

The Benefits of Interleaved Practice: More Applications for Coaches & Teachers


By integrating many different types of problems that a student has to solve together, you increase learning. That’s the basic concept behind interleaving. It is like weaving, except instead of weaving various threads of fabric together, you are weaving various threads of information together. In the paper by Rohrer, et al. called The benefit of […]

Humans: Measured & Found Wanting – Robert Fagles: Quote of the Day


“The catastrophe of the tragic hero thus becomes the catastrophe of the fifth-century man; all his furious energy and intellectual daring drive him on to this terrible discovery of his fundamental ignorance – he is not the measure of all things but the thing measured and found wanting.” — Robert Fagles I quoted from the […]

Blaming the Gods for Your Troubles? Here’s Zeus’ Response: Quote of the Day – (Odyssey: as Translated by both Fagles & Fitzgerald)


Here are two versions of the same quotation from the Odyssey by the “two Roberts” — Fagles & Fitzgerald. Hard to go wrong with either of these dudes. From Fagles (Book 1, ll. 37 – 40): Ah how shameless — the way these mortals blame the gods, From us alone, they say, come all their […]

Learning Research vs School: Test, Space, Interleave – If You Ain’t Failing, You Ain’t Trying


We force ALL of our athletes to enter a competition as soon as humanly possible — usually within the first month or two (at the lastest). We also have something called “Singlet Sunday” (used to be Singlet Saturday) where you do a mini-self test — you go through at least one lift in contest fashion, […]

Bourbon & Books: Some Math from Mom


When I moved to across the country from Portland, OR to Asheville, NC, I didn’t bring anything but what I could fit into a single backpack. Since then, I’ve slowly had my mom ship me things as I either need them or want them. She has a large barn, so storing my stuff for me […]

The Past is Dead… You Can’t Live There


“I’ll take snow over memories. Living in the past never helped anyone.” Say’s Tamara in her recent blog post recounting a conversation we had a number of years ago when I was helping her to train her brain so that she could overcome her life-long depression. “Almost two years ago, before I understood, Nick and […]

Magical Thinking: Better for My Family than Science


“Science is great. It’s done a lot of good for the world, to be sure. It’s just not right for me or my family.” This satirical article was sent to me by my friend Stephanie Here’s another line: “Let’s all learn to live in peace with everyone, even the life-threatening virulent microorganisms with whom we […]

Coaching Advice: Describing vs Teaching – Weightlifting Academy Episode


Remember when you learned how to type? Did you start by learning about the muscles of the hand, ATP, motor-units, or the physics of proper hand technique? Fuck no! You learned by playing games… games we call TEACHING: Coming Up! Speaking of good coaches, Dan Bell is coming to Asheville to run an Olympic Weightlifting […]

On a Well-Managed State – Democritus: Quote of the Day


“A well-managed state is the greatest of all successes and everything is included in it. If it is preserved, so is all besides; if it is lost, all is lost.” — Democritus of Abdera A democratic state is made up of its people. It’s far too common to point the finger at others and complain […]

NASA: The Sun is Fucking Awesome – 5 Year Anniversary


The following video is from NASA. It’s from their Solar Dynamics Observatory. It’s only about 5 minutes and well worth the watch! Here’s what they had to say on their Youtube channel (quote): February 11, 2015 marks five years in space for NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, which provides incredibly detailed images of the whole sun […]

Scientists vs Public: Why People Believe Dumb Shit


“This all boils down to one simple thing. Cognition is subjective. We all perceive information, about risk or science or anything, through instinctive and emotional filters that help us subconsciously sense how that information feels. Slovic and Melissa Finucane called this the Affect Heuristic, the fast and mostly subconscious mental process that takes what we […]

A Statistically Representative Debate on Climate Change: Featuring Bill Nye


Most debates on climate change, evolution, or any other area of science that some portion of the general population rejects based on faith in mumbo-jumbo involve one person from each “side”. The (should be) obvious problem with this is that this 1 vs 1 style isn’t a statistically representative sample of the experts who are […]

Exercise Good for Depression? No Shit


Moderate-intensity exercise, or even just walking, can improve quality of life for depressed middle-aged women, a large Australian study suggests. From Scientific American. The fact that this is news is evidence of the massive failure of our culture to recognize reality: Your brain is a part of your body. Take the consequences of this fact […]

Polar Bear Sex Fucked by Climate Change?


Polar bear penis bones are being negatively affected by PCB’s that were banned back in 1979… but still float around in their environment. Eegads! PCBs, or polychlorinated biphenyls, were once used in everything from transformers to paint and are notorious for their ability to hitch a ride. They have been found all over the world, […]

The Statistical Crisis in Science: Bayesian Solutions & Realism


“For the past few years, there has been a growing crisis in social science, and in biology, medicine, and other statistics-dependent fields, that many claimed research findings are fragile, are unreliable, cannot be replicated, and do not generalize outside of the lab to real-world settings … Arguably the crisis is most pronounced within psychology …” […]

“As If”: Christopher Hitchens – Quote of the Day


“In an average day, you may well be confronted with some species of bullying or bigotry, or some ill-phrased appeal to the general will, or some petty abuse of authority. If you have a political loyalty, you may be offered a shady reason for agreeing to a lie or a half-truth that serves some short-term […]

The Moonfish is Fucking JACKED

Moonfish by Ralph Pace

“Its squat body and flimsy-looking pectoral fins may not scream speed-demon.” I thought they were describing a weightlifter for a second there… Nope! It’s a moonfish, the size of a manhole cover. It must workout. Now go lift something heavy, Nick Horton ps. The photo is by Ralph Pace.

Learning Means DOING – Weightlifting Academy Episode


When I was a kid, if I told my Dad that I was bored, his response was, “You’re boring.” AMEN I have never trusted anyone who gets bored easily. This is a person who will quit the instant the training gets tough. Fuck that! Instead I want you to be more like our lifter Stephanie […]

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