How to Bulgarian Split Squat – Weightlifting Academy Episode


Build your foundation so that you can squat heavier, more often, safely. Athletes are notoriously lazy. They avoid the “small” stuff (the work they know they should be doing) because they’d rather spend their time doing the “big” stuff like squats, snatches, etc. Then… they get hurt doing something that shouldn’t have been a problem. […]

Coaching, Secrecy, & Insecurity


“If you’re secure in your knowledge, you don’t have to hide it.” — Dan Inosanto1 The field of Olympic Weightlifting (and other strength sports) suffers from something not unlike what you’ll find in the traditional martial arts: an inane tendency towards secrecy. I keep telling you that there are no secrets. That’s true. However, many […]

The Freedom & Relaxation of Training – Moy Yat: Quote


“The purpose of Wing Chun Kung Fu is to lead you to be free and relaxed. This can never be achieved if you are tied physically and emotionally to techniques. You must free yourself from dependence on mechanical expression and trust your body, your Kung Fu to protect yourself.” — Moy Yat From Moy Yat, […]

3rd Pull Speed Drill – Weightlifting Academy Episode


It’s time to STOP “dropping” under the bar, and finally learn how to PULL yourself under the bar. “Dropping” or “diving” is not only wrong, it is so dangerous that if you keep doing it in my gym, I will literally kick you out. (Not joking.) Instead, learn how to ACTIVELY pull yourself under the […]

Hollow Body, NOT “Hollowing”: Core-Bracing for Strength Athletes (Clarification, Just in Case!)


I like to use the term “Hollow Body Position” to describe the way I want you to brace your core during heavy lifts because that’s the name given to it by Gymnasts, who I’ve spent a great deal of time around. You can watch my video on HOW to do the Hollow Body position HERE. […]

Snatch “Secret”? 1000 Reps Minimum (per Drill) – Weightlifting Academy Episode


We make beginners do 1000 reps on the snatch (minimum) with an empty bar before they get to learn anything else in weightlifting. No cleans, no jerks, no advanced snatch work — nothing until they’ve got their 1000 reps! They will also squat, do RDL’s, and a ton of “ninja” training (push ups, pull ups, […]

How to Get Spiritual Diabetes: Anger vs Aggression in Weightlifting


“A healthy appetite for righteousness, kept in control by good manners, is an excellent thing; but to ‘hunger and thirst after’ it is often merely a symptom of spiritual diabetes.” — C.D. Broad That could have been said by a Samurai. Passion is good, but only when it’s passion you are in control of, directing, […]

How to FAIL on a Snatch Safely – Weightlifting Academy Episode


Today, let’s learn how to avoid death (at least for now). Missing a snatch behind you is easy, but it’s scary at first. Because of this, you have to PRACTICE failing. So after you learn how to do this, practice it with light weights, many many many times There are 3 rules: Arms LOCKED at […]

Reading as Thought Stimulation – Wittgenstein: Quote


“I should not want my writing to relieve others from thinking. Rather, if it were possible, stimulate someone to thoughts of his own.” — Wittgenstein While I wouldn’t consider myself a “Wittgensteinian”, he was one quotable guy. And this is a sentiment most teachers share. Now go lift something heavy, Nick Horton PS. The pic […]

Go Your Body Hollow? How to be Stronger on Squats, Olympic Lifts, Everything – Weightlifting Academy Episode


Gymnasts and Martial Artists know something you don’t know: how to stay TIGHT, no matter what. This is an essential skill for a strength athlete, but it is rarely taught at all, let alone correctly. We make this such a feature at our place that it’s the VERY first thing we talk about with a […]

Failure: Foundation of Success in Strength & Science – Daniel Friedan: Quote


“Recognizing failure is a useful part of the scientific strategy. Only when failure is recognized can dead ends be abandoned and useable pieces of failed programs be recycled… recognizing failure is an essential part of the scientific ethos.” — Daniel Friedan Daniel Friedan was directing his comments at the string theory community, but he could […]

Avoid Coaching Arrogance: The “Expert Fallacy” – Weightlifting Academy Episode


If something seems too basic to talk about, that’s a sure sign that you need to talk about it! It’s hard enough for coaches to remember what it felt like to be a beginner, but it’s even worse if you’ve distorted your image of what a beginner ACTUALLY knows already. The “Expert Fallacy” is assuming […]

Swan Pulls: Mobility Drill for Your T-Spine – Weightlifting Academy Episode


When your thoracic spine lacks mobility, your lower back will pay for it. That’s bad news, Jack! Let’s fix it! In this episode of Weightlifting Academy: How to do a “Swan Pull” to save your lower back, improve T-Spine mobility, and get stronger in your upper back all at the same time. Coming Up The […]

Gender-Bias Flip Not a Sign of Progress in Science (Society)


“But in a sign of progress, a 13 April study finds that faculty members prefer female candidates for tenure-track jobs in science and engineering — by a ratio of two to one.” From an article in Nature. This is good? Evidence that bias is being eliminated? I call bullshit. But before I explain, here’s more: […]

Expert vs Amateur Chess Players: Pattern of Focal Gamma-Bursts


A large and well-organized storehouse of information in your long-term memory is one of the key difference between an amateur and pro chess players. See Patterns of Focal Gamma-Bursts in Chess Players by Amidzic, et al. Abstract “The brain’s medial temporal lobe struc- tures are thought to be important for the initial formation of long-term […]

T-Spine Snatch Drill: Extend the SAFE Way – Weightlifting Academy Episode


For the love of all that is holy, stop extending at your lower back on the Olympic lifts! Usually the problem is (at least) two-fold: Your T-Spine mobility sucks. You haven’t built the correct motor patterns of the movement yet. Today’s T-Spine Snatch Drill will help you with both of these. Coming Up! Last week […]

Confused? Do This: 21-Day Squat Challenge Tip


The 21-Day Squat Challenge starts TODAY. If you’re confused about what to do — TMI situation — try this. Every new member of our gym does TWO “challenges” at the same time for the first month. The first is a Snatch Domination challenge, where they try to get 1,000 reps (with an empty bar) on […]

The Vulgarization of Science – Miguel de Unamuno: Quote


“In the second half of the 19th century, an age essentially unphilosophical and given to technique, dominated by a myopic specialization and historical materialism, this scientific ideal took a practical form, not so much of the popularization, as of the vulgarization of science — and expressed itself in the proliferation of democratic sets of cheap […]

Coaches: Stop Stealing Jobs from Cheerleaders!


When I first started coaching, the word “no” was much harder for me to say. Now it’s my favorite word. In Tamara’s new article, she recounts overhearing me in the gym using the word “No” over and over: “Last night, I watched two of our lifters snatch together. Nick kept telling them no. No, you […]

The Oldest Paper Book & the Accidental Nature of History – Don’t Let This Happen To You


The earliest the Europeans began manufacturing paper was in the 10th century, and this innovation greatly contributed to the Renaissance. The Arabs beat them by 200 years who knew of the use of paper by the 8th century. But in China the manufacture of paper books a widespread thing by the 6th century, during the […]

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