Moderation Is A Scam

Zen Balance

The Samurai Strength Chronicles Hot summer sun blarring down 22nd of August, 2013: 4:48pm I think moderation is a scam. I don’t believe it in. It’s bad for you. The glorification of the phrase “everything in moderation” has caused far more harm than good. Why? Because it simply doesn’t apply to anything important. Sure… for […]

How Is YOUR Groin Doing?


I’m sitting outside drinking iced tea under an umbrella … with a back of ice on my groin. It’s not as hot out here as it was in Miami, but it’s still pretty humid. So, this bag of ice is helping to cool me down. That isn’t why I’m using it, however. Recently, I (re) injured […]

The Moon Is Not Your Finger


The Samurai Chronicles From the steaming streets of Miami 16th of August, 2013: 1:29 pm We’ve been checking out a number of CrossFit clubs while we’re here in Florida. And they they all seem to share at least one ingredient: overwhelming heat. I am not a stranger to heat, it gets damned hot in Japan, […]

Are You A Bodybuilder? ‘Cause Those Squats Was SICK!

Tasty Cuban coffee after our lifting session in Miami :-)

The Samurai Chronicles August 13th, 9:20 pm In the Miami heat It’s hotter than Mordor outside, and as cold as the Alaskan tundra in here. We’re sitting in the Starbucks near our hotel trying to get some work done. Apparently, Miami is a Taoist city: Yin/Yang; Hot/Penguin. Our body is in constant alert mode switching […]

Your Lucky 3 Days…


The Samurai Chronicles Deep in the mountains of Asheville 9:52pm: Muggy, hot, but at least it ain’t raining It’s almost 10pm here, and we just got out of the gym. I’m starving! We’re now sitting outside at our favorite hangout, The Creekside Taphouse… waiting on some drinks and a massive amount of food. I ordered […]

Nick Horton And Tamara Reynolds Interview: Learn To Snatch, Save The World


Spots are filling fast for our 2-day “Creating The Holistic Weightlifter” workshop, coming on June 22nd & 23rd. In celebration, Tamara and I were interviewed again for Mental Meatheads to discuss our own views on what you can expect when you show up. Yesterday, we heard from Chip Conrad (who is co-hosting this with us), […]

Gender In The Gym: A Coaches Point Of View

chelsea kay weightlifting

Gender in the gym … it’s a hot-button topic for many of us. So in the spirit of starting internet battles, I’m linking to a collection of 8 articles all about it (one of which is by me) over on Breaking Muscle (click here to read them). My Views On Gender In The Gym   […]

How To Squat Without Squatting, Part 1

Pistols Tamara weightlifting academy

Squats! We all love them. But sometimes they just ain’t happening. Maybe it’s an injury, maybe it’s just boredom. Either way, you have options. Below is a video of my partner, my co-coach, my lady, Tamara doing a back squat with 105 kg. Now, that’s just cool all by itself, but what is really cool […]

12 Lessons For The Weightlifter

Kendrick Farris Training Program

EDIT: I’d originally called this post, “The Kendrick Farris Program: 12 Lessons For The Weightlifter”, but I ran into a problem. You see, Kendrick himself contacted me and said that while he loved to positive message, this actually is NOT his training routine! There is an important lesson here. This routine has been on the […]

Fat Tamara Gets Skinny: Parts 1 & 2

Nick and Tamara at Dairy Queen

Tamara is just a bit over her weight class limit, and needs to slim down while still gaining strength. She’s going to do exactly that. But first… Dairy Queen! The next morning, it’s all about her new diet plan to get shredded, while she cooks up a meaty breakfast: What is YOUR diet strategy?