Strength Is To Athlete As Math Is To Scientist


Come join me on a trip down the river mathematica… where biceps rule. The Problem: Too Much Learnin’ There is a TON of advice out there on strength training. But how do you know what advice applies to YOU, and what advice doesn’t? For instance: Exactly how strong a squatter do you NEED to be? […]

Dirty Vodka Smartini: Strength Recipe


My drink of choice when I’m out and about is a variant of a martini that I call a “smartini”. It’s nothing but a double-shot of vodka on the rocks, with olives, and some olive juice thrown in. I order it exactly like that, with my favorite reasonably priced vodka, Monopolowa (the ‘w’ is pronounced […]

How To Become A Katana: Advice To An Athlete


“The true Way of swordsmanship is to fight with your opponent and win. This should not be changed in the slightest.” — Miyamoto Musashi, The Book Of 5 Rings The Katana is one of history’s greatest works of craftsmanship. Among sword collectors, a traditionally-made Katana is prized the way a Picasso is prized in the […]

Magic, Science, Fun: The Mystery Of Nemesis

Asheville Strength & Chains

“There is nothing new under the sun.” — God The Nemesis style of physical training can freak a lot of people out when they see it for the first time. Nemesis seems to break all of the rules your personal trainer told you, that your health teacher told you, and that the internet “Guru’s” keep […]

Western vs Eastern Training Philosophy :: Nemesis Q&A

Asheville Strength & Moonshine

I got this question in our 21 Day Squat Challenge Class: I don’t feel crappy enough. What can I do to push it? 1 Don’t laugh! It’s a serious question in our world. It cuts to the core of an important mark of distinction between what most new people to serious training believe to be […]

WARNING: Good Grades Make You Stupid – Wittgenstein & Ben Franklin


What can be said at all can be said clearly; and whereof one cannot speak thereof one must be silent.” — Wittgenstein This quote from Wittgenstein sounds reminiscent of the one your Grandmother used to say, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Like your Grandmother, he was a […]

Q&A: What Does “Certification” Mean In Fitness vs Education?


We’re in the middle of a HUGE launch: our first full-scale certification offered at Weightlifting Academy– Super Total. The response has been AMAZING! I’m completely blown away by the amount of goodwill, support, and excitement about this new venture. Thank you! As you might expect, we’ve been inundated with questions regarding all kinds of intricate […]

Peace, Love, Barbells: Super Total Certification [Video]

Nick Horton - super total peace

What’s the difference between a “certification” and an “education”? Why does it matter? We just launched our first serious Certification at Weightlifting Academy: Super Total. It will be run by myself and world-champ Powerlifter Chris Duffin. This has been in development now for OVER A YEAR. Why? Because THE thing driving the project is a […]

Why Drop-In Fees Are Stupid: New Rules, part 1


The following post is part of a small series about the connection between education theory, business, and what it means to make the world a stronger place. The rules of the game in our industry (the fitness industrial complex) are shit. I’m here to change them. I’ll get deeper into details in future posts. But […]

Push-up Mastery: How To Age Awesomely

Tamara Reynolds push-ups

I’ve been sitting here in a coffee shop fixing a series of bugs on our websites — there’s an irony that every time something gets updated (presumably) for the better, everything breaks. The sun is blaring through the large windows, and I need to move every 20 minutes to avoid its wrath (I’m from Portland, […]

Are Maxes More Dangerous Than Reps?

Tamara Reynolds squat

Greg Everett wrote a nice article about finding your 1 rep max in response to a question he received. I’d like to take off on an interesting side-comment he made that was NOT the point of his post, but deserves some attention. “As an aside, it’s interesting that a lot of people use 3RM or […]

Violence & Nudity! A (Very) Short History Of The Greek Olympics

Greek Man-on-Man Action - Olympics

We humans love to idealize the past. We imagine historical people as both more honorable and less flawed that we are today. A case in point is our contrasting views of modern athletes — especially our Olympians — verses how we perceive the athletes of “yore” — particularly the ancient Greek athletes who competed in […]

Embracing The Internal Arts Of Weightlifting: An Introduction


How To Develop Intensity By Moving Slow, Relaxing Your Mind, And Shutting Your Damned Mouth “Not being tense but ready. Not thinking but not dreaming. Not being set but flexible. Liberation from the uneasy sense of confinement. It is being wholly and quietly alive, aware and alert, ready for whatever may come.” – Bruce Lee […]

Nick Horton SUCKS: Weightlifting Coach Review, part 1

Nick Horton - Weightlifting Coach Review

How To Coach Olympic Weightlifting & Make The World A Stronger Place – By Being YOU What follows is a genuine (yet fun) look at myself with an objective lens – I really am going to explain how I suck! – with the goal of helping you understand how YOU can be a better coach/teacher. […]

The 6-Week Sexy Challenge – Bret Contreras Inspired Strength Test

Weightlifting academy - nick horton

Beta Testers Needed To Help Develop Something Awesome & Important (via Bret Contreras) Who’s Crazy? I need some beta testers… About a year ago, my friend Bret Contreras (you may know him) threw down what he called “The Sexy Challenge” – the results of which give you your SEXY NUMBER. (Very Rog Law My original […]

Q&A – Overtraining Doesn’t Exist

Weightlifting Academy

How Is Daily Heavy Work (As Detailed In Your Nemesis WODs) Doable Without Overtraining? “I have a question Nick: I have read that 3×10 at 60-70% is good for Sarcoplastic Hypertrophy, whereas heavy weight, low reps (per set) and lots of volume is good for strength/Oly lifting, as the CNS is trained, is this the […]

Moderation Is A Scam

Zen Balance

The Samurai Strength Chronicles Hot summer sun blarring down 22nd of August, 2013: 4:48pm I think moderation is a scam. I don’t believe it in. It’s bad for you. The glorification of the phrase “everything in moderation” has caused far more harm than good. Why? Because it simply doesn’t apply to anything important. Sure… for […]

How Is YOUR Groin Doing?


I’m sitting outside drinking iced tea under an umbrella … with a back of ice on my groin. It’s not as hot out here as it was in Miami, but it’s still pretty humid. So, this bag of ice is helping to cool me down. That isn’t why I’m using it, however. Recently, I (re) injured […]

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