For Athletes, Milk Mustaches Are More Than Just Cool: In Defense of Chocolate Milk


The following is an advocacy article for Chocolate Milk as a recovery aid for athletes. It’s a guest piece by my friend and colleague Peter Curcio, a registered dietitian, trainer, and Olympic weightlifter. I really like that he isn’t just another dietitian. Because he also competes in the sport of weightlifting (lucky for me, as […]

Reflections After a Horrible “Strength Training” Workshop: Women, Weightlifting, and The Coach as Scientist


A few months back, my friend Beth asked if I’d like to go to a continuing education conference/workshop on Strength Training with her.  Beth is a PhD, a researcher in Physical Therapy, and has a background as a clinician.  She and I often have great discussions about all kinds of things, strength training among them.  […]

Post-Workout Chocolate Milk – The Debate Rages On


Check out this article at a fantastic blog I just found, Evidence-Based Fitness, written by Bryan Chung.  It’s about chocolate milk as an after workout drink. I think we would all like to believe the pre, intra and post-workout nutrition are very important. We’ve seen one example of how pre-workout protein probably doesn’t really make […]

The ‘Secret’ to Bulgarian Training in Olympic Weightlifting


(Make sure you check out my updated “5 Myths of Bulgarian Weightlifting“) It is an understatement to say that Olympic weightlifters are obsessed with Bulgarians.  No, not the people, or the great food (my Step Dad is Bulgarian, I can testify), or the copious consumption of vodka (well … maybe a bit of that). No, […]

5 Things to Look for in a Strength Coach


Bob Takano has a new article up at his blog in which he mentions a talk he gave to a bunch of parents of volleyball athletes about the importance of determining whether your son’s or daughter’s strength coach is qualified to do what it is your child needs done.  Good strength coaching is becoming a […]

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