Weightlifting Academy Ep. 4 – The 2012 Nationals VS The Jersey Shore!

I just got back from the 2012 Arnold Classic / National Championships / Olympic Trials and I have WAY too much to talk about to fit into only one episode of Weightlifting Academy! But … here’s a good start! 😉 Why do Bodybuilding fans all look like they are on the Jersey Shore? How Nick’s […]

Fear and Loathing at the Las Vegas Open, 2012


We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the Squats began to take hold … And suddenly there was a terrible roar all round us and the sky was full of what looked like huge bats, all swooping and screeching and diving around the car, which was going about a hundred […]

Samurai Strength Episode 3: Spring-load and Explode! OR, Get Your Knees Back


I’ve got another snatch drill for you today. The idea is the same as before in that you will do twice the thing you are trying to work on.  Today that something is getting your knees back as you move from the floor to the knee position.  While in the beginning I prefer a lifter […]

Power Snatch: Learning How To Finish Your Pull And Catch The Bar Where it Lands


Many lifters make the mistake when first learning to snatch and clean of having NO grey area.  What do I mean by that?  They catch every lift either straight-legged or at rock-bottom!  They treat each lift as if it was way too light, or super heavy. It’s time that you learned how to be a […]

Your Monthly Moment of Zen # 21


Zen Quote of the Day “They can because they think they can” – Virgil This Month in the World of Weightlifting USA Weightlifting announces that we’ll have 5 female and 6 male lifters representing America at the Pan Am Games being held in Guadalajara, Mexico. Oct. 23-27. WOMEN:  Sarah Robles, Chioma Amaechi, Kelly Rexroad-Williams, Hilary […]

The 20/20 Weightlifting Workout ala Joe Mills: 20 reps in 20 minutes, on the minute


“Perfect Practice make Perfect” – Joe Mills Sometimes it’s good to shake things up.  This week at PDX Weightlifting we’re doing exactly that.  It’s the second of two loading weeks (read here for some idea on what that means), and we’re doing a variant of an old Joe Mills workout that has become known as […]

Happy Birthday to Me: Reflections on Lifting, Coaching, and the Pre-Masters Class


Today’s my Birthday, I just turned 33.  And as we are all wont to do, it got me thinkin’ on things.  In my case, those things that are related to lifting and coaching.  (I really could have split this into two parts, easily … but what the hell!) I’ll start with the lifting. One of […]

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