Squat Big For 20% Off: Early Bird Registration Now Open For The Next 21-Day Squat Challenge Class

You have today and tomorrow to get 20% off of the next INTERACTIVE class that will start the first week of January. This is a comprehensive, hands on, and fully coached COURSE taking you through the 21-Day Squat Challenge step-by-step. Hurry, not only is this deal over Saturday night, we also have limited space. Click […]

Q&A: 21-Day Squat Challenge Explained

21 Day Squat Challenge

I’m really bad at predicting which of my articles are going to become popular. I could have sworn that the recent post I did for Breaking Muscle called, “The 21-Day Squat Challenge” would have just flown right under the radar. This would have been fine, as the point of putting it up wasn’t to have […]

How To Squat Like An Olympic Weightlifter in 6 Easy Steps – Samurai Strength Episode 11


Squatting is at once one of the easiest things to teach in the gym, and one of the things most trainees do horribly wrong – which increases the likely hood of injury something fierce! I believe in having my lifters squat as often as they can possibly handle it given their time constraints (as was made abundantly […]

Pick A Squat: Any Squat – Weightlifting Academy Ep. 3

Weightlifting Academy with Nick Horton and Michael Hartman

In this weeks episode of weightlifting academy, Michael and I discuss Squats: High bar, low bar, and front squats. Which is best? Does that question even make sense? And what about all this exercise science crapola? Just how scientific does a coach need to be, anyway? (Hint: more than most realize.) Nick and Michael prove […]

Samurai Strength Episode 2: How to Rack a Front Squat Like a Pro NOT a Bro

Getting a good rack on a front squat took me an entire month when I first started weightlifting.  I’m not alone, many many dudes (ladies usually get it right the first time they try it!) have a problem with wrist flexibility. But, beyond flexibility issues, if you don’t actually place the bar correctly across your […]

Are Back Squats REALLY Necessary? The Legs, Hips, and Ass Issue


We’ve all heard that the back squat is the King of lifts.  It’s been at the bedrock of some of the most productive routines of the last 70 years.  So, what I’m about to say might sound sacrilegious, particularly here in the world of Olympic Weightlifting.  But, I’m going to say it anyway.  You don’t […]

Your Monday Moment of Zen #12


Zen Quote of the Week: “You can’t run to get fit, you need to be fit to run"– Diane Lee This week in the world of weightlifting: Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl.  Ya, we all know that. But, what you might not know is how they are organized as the only publicly owned […]

Even More Reasons to Front Squat


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The front squat is a superior exercise to the back squat.  I don’t mean that you should never back squat.  If you’re one of those individuals who doesn’t feel back pain while doing them, can do them with an erect torso, and doesn’t wimp out by […]

Women, Don’t Squat – It Might Kill You

Psych! (does anyone say that anymore?) Over on Tony Gentilcore’s blog, Bret Contreras does a guest post in response to a personal trainers comments about squatting.  It’s rather extensive, but here’s the conclusion: Good job! You just discouraged every woman who read your blogpost from performing squats and you probably planted fear in their brains […]

Getting “Dad Strong” For Fathers Day – TOP 5 Exercises


Have you ever noticed how freakishly strong we all remember our fathers being?   Dads are the ones in the family who have to push-start the car, haul gravel, and open up a can of whoop-ass.  I even know guys who have stories of their dads lifting a cars engine block out with their bare hands […]

The ‘Secret’ to Bulgarian Training in Olympic Weightlifting


(Make sure you check out my updated “5 Myths of Bulgarian Weightlifting“) It is an understatement to say that Olympic weightlifters are obsessed with Bulgarians.  No, not the people, or the great food (my Step Dad is Bulgarian, I can testify), or the copious consumption of vodka (well … maybe a bit of that). No, […]

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