Why George Got His Snatch Drunk – How to Find the Zone (the Right Way)


Grab a glass of bourbon and chalk up. It’s time to break barbells! In today’s episode of the Iron Samurai Podcast: Why was George drinking with his snatch? Do bourbon-goggles work with barbells? Why your brain sucks and won’t shut up… I heard that! How to avoid falling off of a cliff What is that […]

Ooooh … SO Pretty! NEW Weightlifting Academy Facebook Design!

Weightlifting Academy

Can you do me a favor? Tamara and I just overhauled our Facebook page for the new Weightlifting Academy … Look how pretty it is! If you have a Facebook account, make sure you go and “LIKE” it We’ll be updating it regularly and having discussions there that we won’t be having anywhere else on training and […]

Good News, Bad News, Kick-Ass News

Weightlifting Academy

I told you I had something important to tell you on Monday … But I decided to wait until today. The reason is that – and this is totally weirdo – I have noticed that more of you read the emails I send on Tuesday than on Monday. And it is too important to have […]

Consistency Is Evil … Sometimes

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that, “Consistency is the Hobgoblin of little minds.” Was he talking about Spiderman’s arch enemy? Probably … but he was also likely talking about the tendency of humans to stick to shit they should NOT stick too … simply because they always have. In this video I discuss such esoteric […]

How To Jerk, Part 2 – Stomp The Spider!

It looks like a stepped through the back of the closet and into the magical land in the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe … But this video is not about magic – or maybe it is! It’s my #2 best tip for learning how to Jerk like a genius and not like an idiot. […]

No Dying! Why Being Lazy Can Save Your Life … In Weightlifting

The biggest mistake that beginners make (as I told you last week) is that they don’t stick to a plan. Intermediates are really just those few people who went through their beginner training RIGHT and DID stick to the plan. So … congrats if that’s you!! You stuck to the plan and got some solid […]

[Video] Stick To The Damned Plan – The Biggest Mistake Beginners Make In Olympic Weightlifting

Beginners screw a lot of things up. Hell … they screw almost everything up. But most of what they screw up isn’t so bad. But there is one thing that will kill you … kill you deader than a Vampire taking a stake to the chest by Buffy herself … Questions, Comments, Advice on how […]

[Video] Be Yourself! Autoregulation In Olympic Weightlifting Training

Question of the day is whether 2 different people (like training partners) should do the exact same workout. I mean … you are both really similar, same age, the weights you lift are similar, and even your lifestyles are pretty similar … so you SHOULD be able to both make progress at the SAME rate […]

[Video] Snatch Q&A: How Much Volume (Reps) Per Week Should A Beginner Be Doing?

I was having a great conversation with one of the members of my insiders group yesterday regarding volume and this question popped up: Is there a correlation between how much volume a lifter is doing and their success on the platform – like actual numbers? The short answer is yes. The long answer is in […]

Can Watching Star Trek Increase Your Snatch? Yes!

I wrote an (only slightly) tongue-in-cheek article over on Breaking Muscle called, “Are You Geeky Enough to be a Weightlifter?” Yes, of course, I’m playing around a bit. But, I’m partly serious. The skills, the mental tools, that geeks have access to are tools you NEED to develop to be good at the sport of […]

Weightlifting Technique – Gwen Sisto at the 2012 National Championships – All 6 Lifts

Below are all six of Gwen Sisto’s attempts (and makes, she went 6-for-6) at the 2012 Olympic Weightlifting National Championships. I’m putting these up for two reasons. The first is that Gwen is super-duper cool, and I’m proud of her. The second is because I think you could learn a lot by watching her technique. […]

Part 1 – Samurai Showdown at the 2012 Weightlifting National Championships


It was 4 O’clock in the morning when the ducks began to quack. My wife and I have been having a minor battle over what our alarm should sound like for some time. I’m a very light sleeper, by nature. She is the opposite. This has meant that for nearly 8 years, my ears have […]

Is Nick Horton Sexist?


I got an interesting comment over on the article I wrote for Nia Shanks this week. And while the commenter could have refrained from being snippy, there was a valid question underneath it. “What’s the Point of writing an article about how ‘women are best at weighting’? How is that any different than saying women make good […]

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