No Cats, No Pussy: How to Kill Fear in the Snatch [video]


We have 3 rules for the Snatch, in the order of how we teach them: Lock Out Hit Your Hip No Cats! The cats reference is … about not being a scaredy cat (we teach a lot of kids, so in the gym, that’s our non-adult variation). We can, and will, teach you how to […]

Why George Got His Snatch Drunk – How to Find the Zone (the Right Way)


Grab a glass of bourbon and chalk up. It’s time to break barbells! In today’s episode of the Iron Samurai Podcast: Why was George drinking with his snatch? Do bourbon-goggles work with barbells? Why your brain sucks and won’t shut up… I heard that! How to avoid falling off of a cliff What is that […]

Dirty Vodka Smartini: Strength Recipe


My drink of choice when I’m out and about is a variant of a martini that I call a “smartini”. It’s nothing but a double-shot of vodka on the rocks, with olives, and some olive juice thrown in. I order it exactly like that, with my favorite reasonably priced vodka, Monopolowa (the ‘w’ is pronounced […]

The 7 Virtues Of Bushido: Righteousness


Part 1 – Gi (See the introduction HERE) In Japanese, the first of the 7 codes of the Samurai is “Gi”, which can be translated any number of ways, the most common of which is “rectitude”. However, the word “rectitude” is rather obscure. (When was the last time you used it?) Other common translations are […]

The Tao Of Snatch: Smile, It’s Supposed To Suck


QUOTE from a lifter of ours: “Dear sweet wonderful coaches o mine… am I supposed to be this broken after starting the programming?” MY ANSWER: The answer is Yes This is meant to be a “kick the living crap out of you” type of program that eventually REQUIRES that you take a deload week periodically […]

The Tao Of Snatch, Lesson 1: Top 20 Bruce Lee Quotes On Weightlifting


Olympic weightlifting is an art form. It is closer to the martial arts than it is to other strength sports. And once you finally let this fact sink in, your progress will soar. In the spirit of that I’m starting a new series here called, “The Tao Of Snatch” which is my way of focusing more on […]

Your Dream Come True: Add More Weight

nick horton iron samurai

I’m about to tell you what you want to hear… But be advised…this is ONLY if you are NOT a rank beginner. I define a rank beginner in Oly lifting to be a person who can’t even lock out the bar correctly, etc. But if you have gotten past most of that, like through the […]

Ooooh … SO Pretty! NEW Weightlifting Academy Facebook Design!

Weightlifting Academy

Can you do me a favor? Tamara and I just overhauled our Facebook page for the new Weightlifting Academy … Look how pretty it is! If you have a Facebook account, make sure you go and “LIKE” it We’ll be updating it regularly and having discussions there that we won’t be having anywhere else on training and […]

Good News, Bad News, Kick-Ass News

Weightlifting Academy

I told you I had something important to tell you on Monday … But I decided to wait until today. The reason is that – and this is totally weirdo – I have noticed that more of you read the emails I send on Tuesday than on Monday. And it is too important to have […]

Consistency Is Evil … Sometimes

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that, “Consistency is the Hobgoblin of little minds.” Was he talking about Spiderman’s arch enemy? Probably … but he was also likely talking about the tendency of humans to stick to shit they should NOT stick too … simply because they always have. In this video I discuss such esoteric […]

How To Jerk, Part 2 – Stomp The Spider!

It looks like a stepped through the back of the closet and into the magical land in the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe … But this video is not about magic – or maybe it is! It’s my #2 best tip for learning how to Jerk like a genius and not like an idiot. […]

No Dying! Why Being Lazy Can Save Your Life … In Weightlifting

The biggest mistake that beginners make (as I told you last week) is that they don’t stick to a plan. Intermediates are really just those few people who went through their beginner training RIGHT and DID stick to the plan. So … congrats if that’s you!! You stuck to the plan and got some solid […]

[Video] Stick To The Damned Plan – The Biggest Mistake Beginners Make In Olympic Weightlifting

Beginners screw a lot of things up. Hell … they screw almost everything up. But most of what they screw up isn’t so bad. But there is one thing that will kill you … kill you deader than a Vampire taking a stake to the chest by Buffy herself … Questions, Comments, Advice on how […]

[Video] Be Yourself! Autoregulation In Olympic Weightlifting Training

Question of the day is whether 2 different people (like training partners) should do the exact same workout. I mean … you are both really similar, same age, the weights you lift are similar, and even your lifestyles are pretty similar … so you SHOULD be able to both make progress at the SAME rate […]

[Video] Snatch Q&A: How Much Volume (Reps) Per Week Should A Beginner Be Doing?

I was having a great conversation with one of the members of my insiders group yesterday regarding volume and this question popped up: Is there a correlation between how much volume a lifter is doing and their success on the platform – like actual numbers? The short answer is yes. The long answer is in […]

Can Watching Star Trek Increase Your Snatch? Yes!

I wrote an (only slightly) tongue-in-cheek article over on Breaking Muscle called, “Are You Geeky Enough to be a Weightlifter?” Yes, of course, I’m playing around a bit. But, I’m partly serious. The skills, the mental tools, that geeks have access to are tools you NEED to develop to be good at the sport of […]

Weightlifting Technique – Gwen Sisto at the 2012 National Championships – All 6 Lifts

Below are all six of Gwen Sisto’s attempts (and makes, she went 6-for-6) at the 2012 Olympic Weightlifting National Championships. I’m putting these up for two reasons. The first is that Gwen is super-duper cool, and I’m proud of her. The second is because I think you could learn a lot by watching her technique. […]

Part 1 – Samurai Showdown at the 2012 Weightlifting National Championships


It was 4 O’clock in the morning when the ducks began to quack. My wife and I have been having a minor battle over what our alarm should sound like for some time. I’m a very light sleeper, by nature. She is the opposite. This has meant that for nearly 8 years, my ears have […]

Is Nick Horton Sexist?


I got an interesting comment over on the article I wrote for Nia Shanks this week. And while the commenter could have refrained from being snippy, there was a valid question underneath it. “What’s the Point of writing an article about how ‘women are best at weighting’? How is that any different than saying women make good […]

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